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August Newsletter

20 Aug 2017 9:07 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
What's Happening?

Reading Recommendations
  • Emergency Managers Engage with Social Media for Eclipse Planning
  • Triangulation of Social Media Being Studied
  • Where There is Smoke, There is Fire and Social Media
  • Social Media Training and Community Support Keys to Terrorism Response
  • Google Launches SOS Alert Feature in Search/Maps
  • Top 11 Public Safety Leaders to Watch

Mark Your Calendars

  • VOST Leadership Coalition Chat on 8/25
  • Virtual Team Training Webinars Announced for August & September
  • Safety & Emergency Readiness Virtual Summit on 9/12-9/14
  • Government Social Media Conference in Denver in April 2018

Reading Recommendations

This month, there were a lot of interesting social media articles that were posted across the internet.  

The Great Solar Eclipse on August 21st has spawned a number of articles about how local emergency management agencies prepared to watch social media. Two specific articles discussed how the both the State of Oregon and State of Idaho monitored and engaged with social media to gauge their responses to this historic event. And then there was South Carolina's lizard men, right? 

Next up is an article about the triangulation of social media users is being studied to determine if there is a better way to disseminate and monitor social media. We know there have been a number of groups who have studied this topic before, but we remain curious to see if anyone can automate what is often done by Virtual Operation Support Teams in a more manual manner today. 

Wildfires and social media continue to appear hand-in-hand throughout our communities. While we have seen this for years, it's nice to see the research concur. 

A Canadian study was published recently about how social media training and community support are vital tools needed to manage any terrorism-based event. This report has a lot of recommendations for law enforcement agencies.  

Article 3 covers how social media affects the adolescent brain. This is of particular importance to consider with the recent focus on teen suicides due to the Blue Whale Challenge. Read The Adolescent Brain and the Dark Side of Social Media Challenges for more information. 

#SMEMChat on Twitter each Friday at 9:30 PDT

Each Friday at 9:30 a.m. Pacific Time, people gather on Twitter to chat about Social Media & Emergency Management (#SMEM). 

If you need to practice your Twitter engagement skills, consider joining a chat. Check out our #SMEMChat Webpage to read the chat archives or lurk the conversations.

VOST Training Scheduled Posted 
We have posted all sorts of fun training for the rest of this summer. Sign up for one of the following webinars today!

  1. September 8: VOST 300 Team Leader Role
  2. September 15: VOST 110 Social Media Monitoring
  3. September 22: VOST 200 Google Workbook 

Mark Your Calendars 
There are a number of events going on in our virtual community that you might be interested in participating in. Here is a short list with links:

  • VOST Leadership Coalition Chat, August 25, 2017 ~ This is a quarterly call for anyone involved as a Team Leader or Team Member of Virtual Operation Support Teams (VOST). This hour-long conference call chats through lessons learned, recent activations and for emerging tools that teams are beginning to use. Sign up to get the call details! 


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